The Science Behind the Beverage

Exponent Breaks the Limits of What’s Possible

When we set out to create Exponent, we really didn’t know if it could be done. Because what we wanted to create simply didn’t exist anywhere in the market.

We knew all the big brands were using artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and other harmful ingredients. We also knew we couldn’t use any of that.

Our position was simple: “If we can’t drink this every single day and feel good about it, then we’re not going to bring it to market.”

So we put our noses to the grindstone to develop a beverage that was clean, smart, and as healthy as possible. We spent countless hours and went through many iterations to get everything just right -- all the way down to the flavours.

We eliminated ALL the negative ingredients and fillers you’ll find in mainstream energy drinks. We used ONLY naturally sourced sweeteners, herbs, amino acids, and caffeine.

The Result?

A delicious Fusion Energy drink that keeps you hydrated and mentally sharp so you can perform at your peak while also fuelling your recovery.

When you drink Exponent, you can be confident you’re getting the clean fuel you need to break through all your limits and crush your goals.

Delicious Naturally Sourced Ingredients, Backed by Science

No Sugar

Sweetened naturally with monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol for the perfect balance of healthy sweetness.

Naturally Sourced Caffeine

Even overachievers need fuel to crush their goals. That’s why Exponent gives you energy from natural green tea extract

Amino Acids

When you push hard, you need to recover fast. Exponent supplies you with BCAAs and Glutamine

Vitamin B6 & B12

Panax Ginseng

Himalayan Pink Salt / Coconut Water

Fusion Energy

Way beyond any conventional energy drink, EXPONENT is a scientifically balanced confluence of healthy naturally sourced compounds from multiple proven functional product categories.