Cleaner. Smarter. Functional.
We believe that achieving more and being more, demands more than just energy. That a new generation of overachievers and visionaries deserve a drink that makes an impact as powerful as they do.

Energy Drink - Like it's 2024.

Way beyond any conventional energy drink, Exponent® is a scientifically balanced confluence of naturally sourced compounds from multiple proven functional product categories. 

ExponentMonster Red Bull ZOA Bang Guru Celcius FitAid
No AspartameYYYYYYYY
No SucraloseYNNNNYNY
No Artificial FlavoursYNNYNYYY
No Artificial CaffeineYNNYNYYY
No Preservatives*YNYYNNYN
Amino Acids YNYYYNNY

* Citric Acid used for flavouring

FINALLY… An Energy Drink that’s better for you and STILL tastes great!